Farm Fresh Miami - An Organic Buying Group

Farm Fresh Miami, run by Erica Rullman, provides fresh, mainly local, organic produce at great prices. If you live in Miami, I highly recommend you join. The produce is always fresh and flavorful. I just had the most amazing pluots of my life, and I also now know what a pluot is thanks to Farm Fresh.

Since Miami is a sweltering sauna during the summer, little of the produce comes from South Florida, but as it  begins to simmer down, more and more of the fruits and vegetables come from local farms, guaranteeing a real freshness.

 One of the things I enjoy about it is the surprise element. Since I don't choose what veggies I buy, it forces me to eat things I might not normally eat, and to cook things I might not normally cook. I have developed a bunch of new recipes. If you find yourself eating the same thing every week, this might be just what your taste buds need.