Weekend in VT

Spending the weekend on the farm in Vermont is always such a treat. While our reasons for being there may not have been ideal, we still had a great time there. We picked buckets of blueberries and peaches -- the last of the summer harvest. We ate handfuls upon handfuls of blueberries, and put them in just about anything we were eating. We made blueberry jam and peach blueberry cobbler. It was fantastic.


Rosemary Pita Chips With Spicy White Bean Dip

As much as I love food, I have the tendency to be a very boring eater. I tend to come across something that I love, and can then eat that very thing for the next month, or two, or twelve. In high school, I ate couscous at least once a day without fail. And not even interesting home-made couscous, it was just the five minute instant variety.

In college, i gave up my couscous craze and replaced it with smoothies. I then had a brief stint with black beans. And the past year or so, I have had a intense adoration for green salads -- having one a day, sometimes two!