Roasted eggplant - Hanging on to summer

Eggplant is an impressive vegetable. I am not sure what it is, but eggplant has a very mysterious, almost mythical quality to it. With its royal purple hue, and alluring figure, I find it hard not to pick one up while shopping for produce, particularly when they have overgrown to the size of a small watermelon. And it always reminds me of summer, so while the final days of summer are passing by, and the weather is finally beginning to cool and the humidity lower, I celebrate with slow roasted eggplant.

Eggplant is one of those vegetables that takes center stage at the table.


Walnut & Sweet Potato Pasta

I love sweet potatoes. I love that they have an ugly exterior, yet reveal their brilliant orange when cut in half. I love that they are suggestively sweet, and can just as easily be used in a savory dish as in a sweet one. And I just love it when I get sweet potatoes in my Farm Fresh Miami bag, it's like getting a surprise chocolate bar in the lunches my mom would pack me for school.

It's hard to fight the urge I get when I come across a sweet potato. I just want to cut them into wedges, season, and bake them into delightful sweet potato wedges.


Pluot compote and almond crumble sunday.

I am a pretty healthy eater, but I have always been a sweet person. Chocolate in particular is my Achilles heel. If I were forced to eat just one thing for the rest of my life, it just might be, most probably would be, chocolate. When hearing the dessert specials at a restaurant, I usually just hear, blah, blah, chocolate mousse, blah blah blah, double chocolate cake, etc. I love good chocolate, very dark, slightly bitter, and complex in flavor chocolate, but I will even eat it when its not so good, overly sweet, and probably really just corn syrup masked as chocolate.

That is why it was a bit of a surprise when a craving for this vanilla ice cream dish, drizzled with pluot compote and topped with almond crumble came to mind. And you know what, it was even better than I thought it would be.


Another beautiful bag

This week we received another beautiful bag from Farm Fresh Miami, and i was delighted by what I found inside. Not only did we get more of those delicious pluots I have been harping on about, but we also received white peaches, apples, midnight oranges, radishes, green chard, broccoli, zucchini, green lettuce, roma tomatoes, red cabbage...oh, and how could I forget, sweet potatoes. (All this organic produce for $33 bucks a bag, I still can't believe it's true.)


Yay for sweet potato wedges!

Summer has not even come close to an end here in hurricane season Miami, yet i am eating sweet potatoes. And you know what, it's so good. I usually associate sweet potatoes with fall and winter, but since I keep getting them in my Farm Fresh Miami bag, I keep enjoying them. And really, what time of year isn't good for sweet potato wedges. They're easy to make, are so delicious, work as a side dish for almost any meal, and is also great as a movie time snack. Something I have been enjoying more and more of since the non stop rain has been keeping us indoors.