Whole Wheat Mosaic Crackers

Crackers are an unassuming stable in our kitchen. I never really gave them much thought. I just bought them at the store if I had a desire for some, and that was it. The thought of ever making my own crackers never really crossed my mind.

And then one day it hit me, of course, it might be kind of cool to make crackers.


Chocolate Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween was always a beloved holiday growing up. My parents put a lot of effort into decorating the house, building scarecrows, adding cobwebs, really getting into the spirit. Our house was one of the spooky ones on the block, the lights turned off, a Halloween soundtrack playing loudly, and also one where the kids were sure to score big on candy.


Peruvian purple potatoes with Crema de Rocoto

Eight years ago, I got my first real college job. One that does not include taking orders behind a counter. At that new job, I developed a strong friendship with a girl from Peru. She spoke very little English, and I knew very few words in Spanish, yet somehow, we hit it off.

Once she invited me over to a family barbecue, I think it was for her daughters birthday. It was so sweet of her to include me, but honestly it was an awkward affair


First pumpkin recipe of the season - Soup!

I love pumpkin soup. I am not sure if I always have, but it sure feels like it. I love it curried, plain, or straight from a box. I think it's one of the greatest soups there is. Really, I cannot think of something much better to do with a pumpkin than to make it into a soup (or a carriage.)

And to be honest, I never really stick to the same pumpkin soup recipe, I just sort of wing it every time, and every time I am happy. But this time, I was especially pleased. So pleased that I had to make note of the recipe. Because this pumpkin soup recipe has quite a bit of depth to it. The flavor doesn't just stop at pumpkin,


Endive, Apple & Walnut Salad

The weather has turned in Miami. When you step outside, things feel different. There is a breeze, and it is cool and refreshing, the humidity has lifted, and it is enjoyable to sit outside. It feels amazing, and the best part is, it's going to last. While autumn certainly feels very different here than in most parts of the country, it still has a similar effect. We bring out our sweaters, and start cooking fall meals.

My mother always made this salad this time of year, and it was always one that i looked forward to its return on the table. Slightly bitter, a hint of sweetness,


Homemade Mayonnaise - In under two minutes!

Maybe it has something to do with having been raised by Belgians, but in my house, we always had mayonnaise. And I'm not talking about the goopy white stuff that you buy in a jar at the grocery store. I'm talking about freshly made, mustard spiked, mayonnaise. The kind of stuff you don't just use to tie a tuna salad together. This stuff is so much better then that, and deserves so much better.


Apple crumb pie and a birthday

 Since I started learning how to bake almost two years ago my husband has been requesting that I make him an apple crumb pie. He would always recall a time that one of aunts brought over apple crumb pie, he couldn't remember if it was homemade or store bought, but either way, he said it was amazing. And he remembers having two pieces. It was that good.

And so as I would flip through a cook book, and ask him, what should I bake this weekend, he would always say apple crumb pie. I would sort of shrivel my face and shrug,