Endive, Apple & Walnut Salad

The weather has turned in Miami. When you step outside, things feel different. There is a breeze, and it is cool and refreshing, the humidity has lifted, and it is enjoyable to sit outside. It feels amazing, and the best part is, it's going to last. While autumn certainly feels very different here than in most parts of the country, it still has a similar effect. We bring out our sweaters, and start cooking fall meals.

My mother always made this salad this time of year, and it was always one that i looked forward to its return on the table. Slightly bitter, a hint of sweetness,
and all around good, this salad has stayed vibrant only in my memory for over fifteen years, as it has not been on her table or mine since then.

I made a few alterations to her salad. For one, I went with just a drizzle of oil to dress the salad, rather then using homemade mayonnaise, just to lighten the flavors a bit. I have also added walnuts, giving it a nice texture, and the nuttiness adds a complexity of flavors.

Endive, Apple & Walnut Salad
serves 4-6

3 Endives
1 Fuji apple
A handful of walnuts
2 tbs extra virgin olive oil
1 tbs walnut oil
squeeze of lemon
salt to taste

Slice the endives as thinly as possible. If you have a mandolin slicer and aren't afraid to use it (like I am) this is a great time to pull it out. Place the sliced endive in a large bowl. Next, peel, core, quarter, and thinly slice the apples. Place in the bowl. Chop the walnuts, throw them in as well. Top with the oils, lemon, and salt, and toss. Taste, adjust seasoning, and serve. This goes great with any meat dish, particularly grilled meat.