Another beautiful bag

This week we received another beautiful bag from Farm Fresh Miami, and i was delighted by what I found inside. Not only did we get more of those delicious pluots I have been harping on about, but we also received white peaches, apples, midnight oranges, radishes, green chard, broccoli, zucchini, green lettuce, roma tomatoes, red cabbage...oh, and how could I forget, sweet potatoes. (All this organic produce for $33 bucks a bag, I still can't believe it's true.)

A Farm Fresh Miami bag tends to dictate what I will be eating for the next week or two, and this bag felt full of possibilities for delicious and exciting recipes. I am thinking of buttered radish tartines sprinkled with cracked pepper and chapped radish tops, a gingered pluot compote, maybe even a garlicky green chard almond stir fry topped with sweet dried cranberries. It is sure going to be a good week.